What is importance of your name or any name whatsoever?

How does your name control your life & experience?

Why are countries whose names start with an “I” suffering?

Can you name tell the path of your life from birth to death?

Are longer names better for longer lives?

Can your name predict the type of Career you will follow in life?

Will your name forecast the diseases that will afflict you?

All this an more can be answered in this book……

Find out how changing your name can make a difference in your life!







When Iran changed its name from Persia in 1979, it became a country of conflict and turmoil? When Iraq changed its name from Babylon, it became the same? Similarly all countries with an “I” as the first vowel in their name suffered when the Tsunami came….Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, and others . How important is a name and how does it affect the individual person. This book discusses it all.
Your name not only identifies you, but it also has an akashic effect on your life. It tells who you are, where you come from, where you are going , why you are here and what is your karma behind the life you are leading now. Little you may realize it but changing your name can change your life….


In the past 20 years Swami Ram Charran has been helping over 35, 000 people change their lives for the better. He has helped more than 12,000 change their lives by changing their names. In this book Swami Ram shows how important is your name and why, before naming your children, you should think carefully about what kind of karma you want to give them before deciding what you should name them. He shows how each letter in your name affects the events and experiences in your life…..